The past 2023, the cross -border e -commerce "rolled" for a whole year

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Compared with four years ago, Du Da Ke's company has shrunk a lot at least at least at least at least in the office area.His company is still in the old place, but it has just become a small office.

In the summer of 2019, the reporter first met Da Da Ke in Yiwu.At that time, Du Da Ke, who had been in the e -commerce industry for many years in the e -commerce industry, naturally wanted to catch up the wind and set up his own MCN company.In a office building on the north road of the main road in the central urban area of Yiwu, he rented half of the floor and gathered more than a dozen full -time anchors. Although the company's volume was far less than the industry's head, it was considered a small scale.That is, at that time, Du Da started planning to go to sea and do cross -border e -commerce business.

"At that time, I felt that the domestic live e -commerce company had started 'volume', so I wanted to jump out and try another track." After four years, the journey of the year after returning to the year, Du Da Ke still believes that his decision is correct.—— Four years ago, the word inner roll was not popular; four years later, it was Du Da Ke's high -frequency word.After "get rid of it", Du Da could find that cross -border e -commerce also "volume".After rolling all the way, he thought he "couldn't roll" and finally re -put his energy back to the domestic market this year.

Corresponding to Du Daco's sad exit is Gao Ge's cross -border e -commerce.In the past 2023, cross -border e -commerce has become a highlight of my country's foreign trade field.According to statistics, from January to September this year, the import and export value of cross -border e -commerce reached 1.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.4%year -on -year, accounting for 5.5%of the proportion of import and export in the same period.Relevant industry reports predict that the scale of my country's cross -border e -commerce market will reach 1.79 trillion yuan in 2024.

On the other hand, the four Chinese cross -border e -commerce platforms, Ali Saica, SHEIN, TIKTOK SHOP, TIKTOK SHOP, and TEMU, which are "out of the sea" and intended to "roll" the leader of the leader Amazon in overseas markets.However, while the platform's full -custody model pushed, while practicing the "Made in China", it has paved the road further, but it also squeezed the living space of a small and medium -sized third -party seller such as Du Da Ke.

In order to avoid "volume", he chose to break out, and now he has rejected it again because of the "volume".Du Da can find that many things can be seen more clearly after leaving.

Yiwu International Trade City.Photograph in quantity

Hundred percent?

In June 2021, TIKTOK officially launched a cross -border store function in the UK.Two months before that, this function has begun internal testing.Du Da Ke recalled that after learning the news, he found a way to get the qualifications for internal testing: "I was very excited at the time, and it was determined that the 100 % was a wind."

The magic of short videos and live broadcast is unstoppable.As the global TIKTOK, which is entertaining, it is also the main battlefield of many small and medium -sized cross -border sellers.Douyin, which has been tried and tested in China, is also worked in parallel to the overseas version of Douyin.It is only because TIKTOK's e -commerce function has not been opened before. It can only be used as drainage tools for a long time. The transaction needs to be completed on other platforms or independent stations. The conversion rate is not ideal.

When TIKTOK can also hang the window and the small yellow car, Chinese sellers who have already played Douyin who have already played Douyin naturally believe that winning vouchers are in control, and Du Da Ke is no exception: anchor who can speak fluent EnglishYes; as for the source, there are also suppliers who have cooperated for many years at hand.The only difficulty in entering Britain is how to harden the biological clock into Europe.

Two English anchors were hired, Du Da Ke set foot on the journey.It will be broadcast at midnight every day, two hours a day for a total of 6 hours.Except for the upside -down day and night and not speak Chinese, there is no difference between making live broadcasts on TIKTOK and Douyin.Du Da Ke mainly sells all kinds of accessories. It is an old strength in the small products of Yiwu. It is not only cheap, but also provides personalized customization. It is favored by British consumers.Soon, his Tiktok shop completed the cold start.

However, this "100 % wind outlet" brings Du Daco's sweet period is not long.With the number of cross -border sellers entered one after another, he gradually felt the pressure.The "big sale" of the price advantage of the hand eaten the traffic head at an amazing speed. Although Du Daco's small shop can still stabilize the order every day, the overall sales are not coming, and they are delayed.

"Tiktokshop has many sellers in the early days to support policies, so the business will not be able to do it. But if you can't keep the volume", it is not a long -term. "In order to break the deadlock, Du Da can decide to" escape "again.EssenceHe gave up his habitual jewelry business and turned to sell natural crystals.The crystal of Donghai County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, was the most famous, and he ran there frequently.Kung Fu is worthy of care, Du Da can successfully find the supplier.

Selling crystals is by no means a tide, Du Da can do research.He told reporters that natural crystals have a market in Europe and the United States.Local consumers not only regard them as decorative, but also believe that crystal has additional supernatural energy, and its role is similar to the Feng Shui decoration of the Chinese cultural circle: "Whether it is a Tagaro card, or daily training at home, foreigners love to be on the sideIf you put a few pieces of crystals, they believe this. As long as it can make consumers place an order with you, the future repurchase rate is very high. "

Unfortunately, the same script is repeated.After a period of time in the crystal business, Du Da can find that his sales have begun to turn in place again. Even if you use a gimmick such as blind box sales and live draws, it still has little effect.To make matters worse, the price war has quietly launched under the movement of the "selling", and the price of the product has dropped almost a day.The crystal that was originally priced at 39.9 euros was smashed all the way to 9.9 euros.Du Da Ke realized: This is "rolling" again!

At the same time, Du Da found that he seemed to have become a mouse of the platform test algorithm.After a live broadcast, watching the number of people is considerable, but the conversion rate is not high.After returning, he found that the audience's IP came from all over the world, and most of them were not in the UK.In other words, most of them are clicking in to see the lively: "How can you expect a Middle East user to place an order on TIKTOK British Station?"

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"Sale" full custody, who is managed by "small sales"?

The full custody is the number one keyword in the domestic cross -border e -commerce industry in 2023.

In September 2022, Temu, a cross -border e -commerce platform under Pinduoduo, was launched in the United States.In just one month, it surpassed opponents such as Amazon, Shein, and reached the North American shopping APP rankings.With the pace of TEMU's global expansion, the full -custody mode of its push push has also attracted the opponents.The remaining three of the "Four Dragons Out of the Sea" launched their own full -custody business in 2023. Lazada and Shopee, the main local e -commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, have also followed up.

In August 2023, the number of operating entities in Yiwu market exceeded 1 million, of which more than half were e -commerce business entities.As one of the most important e -commerce towns in the Yangtze River Delta and even the country, Yiwu is naturally a place for soldiers of various cross -border e -commerce platforms.Du Da Ke told reporters that cross -border e -commerce platforms represented by "Four Little Dragons" will hold a large number of investment activities in Yiwu every month to win high -quality sellers. The full hosting model is the target of the key publicity.

As the name implies, the so -called full -custody model is the platform Fang Fang first -handed merchants in almost all aspects of the cross -border e -commerce business, and all of them are managed to take care of the platform.Merchants only need to transport the goods to the platform warehouse in advance, they can settle in stages according to the nodes agreed with the platform.In the words of Da Da Ke, let the merchant be "shake the shopkeeper".

"This model is naturally consistent with Yiwu, and it can even be said that it can only be played in Yiwu." Du Da Ke said that the massive supply and strong logistics capabilities of the small commodity capital, the full hosting mode will beFor the supplier, just solve the problem of supply chain, and "running business" can quickly take shape with the help of the platform.In contrast, store operation and brand building is not the director of most Yiwu bosses. Choosing a full -custard also means that you don't need to worry about these issues.

The emergence of the full hosting model undoubtedly greatly saves the energy and operating costs of merchants.Domestic e -commerce sellers have always been accustomed to multi -platform operations, and full hosting allows them to achieve long -term betting.At the beginning of 2023, Du Da Ke, who was tired of the "European Store" day after day, suspended his business on Tiktok.However, he did not rush to embrace this new game rules like he was walking around.

The smooth operation of the full hosting mode requires huge amounts of spot inventory as the basis.Du Da Ke believes that this is a game of exclusive "sales" and industry and trade all -in -one businesses.And the "small sale" that does not master one -handed supply like you has become an unnecessary existence.On the other hand, the platform -led full -custody model emphasizes the so -called "extreme cost -effectiveness", so homogeneous products are almost destined to guide comprehensive price wars.In Yiwu, which focuses on "white cards", such a price war may only be even more tragic.Du Da Ke, who asked for "not rolled", obviously did not want to participate.

"Of course, this matter is also two sides. You can understand it as a factory working to work for the platform. It can also be regarded as a platform to help the factory quickly clear the goods to alleviate inventory pressure. The full hosting mode is good or bad, depending on youLook at the problem from what position. "Du Da Ke said.

"Sale" full custody, who is managed by "small sales"?The answer can only be controlled by yourself.Through observation and exploration, Du Dawei gradually found the way of survival belonging to "small sales".In Yiwu, the market information is highly developed. As long as the market trends can be captured in a timely manner and predicted, they can follow the trend of "selling" and quickly organize the supply of the market when the explosive model appears or will appear.There may not be no chance.

Relying on this short -level play that relies on the poor information, Du Da Ke also had his own high time last year.However, the profit brought by the "extreme operation" did not make him very satisfied.Once the judgment is accurate, the profitable profits are likely to become the inventory of the bottom of the box.Du Da can be "tired" about this, as tired as the original broadcast on TIKTOK in the UK.

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Find the way, continue to roll

In the context of the weak global economic recovery, my country's foreign trade exports continue to pressure, and rapid development of cross -border e -commerce is one of the important breakthroughs in opening the situation.Looking back at 2023, the cross -border e -commerce industry can be described as magnificent with the activeness of "four small dragons".

The TEMU under Pinduoduo performed well outside the national gate. After the advertisement appeared in the super bowl of the "American Spring Festival Gala" at the beginning of the year, the global expansion speed was amazing.Increasing users of 3.71 million, active users in November reached 7.07 million, and the list of download lists in the South Korean shopping APP; TIKTOK SHOP, which was frustrated in Southeast Asia, also recovered its lost land at the end of the year.Business; and the mysterious SHEIN began to broaden the sales category, rumors to seek listing in the United States have attracted widespread market attention. It is said that the valuation target is as high as US $ 90 billion.

Four Xiaolongs who opened the "volume" worldwide also put pressure on the veteran giants.At the end of the "Black Friday" at the end of the year, the Chinese cross -border e -commerce platform tiger seized food and resisted the Amazon Division in the overseas market for a long time.Amazon CEO Andy Jiaxi also publicly responded to competition with Chinese e -commerce in an interview with the media.

For domestic sellers, there is no conclusion that the controversy generated around the full hosting model is not yet concluded, but the pace of pace with the platform has continued to "roll" but it is already a true fact.The friends who opened the factory beside Du Dawei complained to him that the full hosting was indeed worrying, but he felt that he gradually became a vassal of the platform, and his autonomy was getting smaller and smaller: "What can be sold, what is good, what to sell, what to sell, what to sell.The price is all about the platform. Even something can become an explosion, which is also determined by the platform's algorithm. Once you abandon the full hosting, it means that you want to compete directly with the platform.The platform is wrapped. "

As for the "small sale" such as Da Da Ke, if you want to get a share, you have to do everything possible to survive in the gap.Sometimes it seems that orders are constantly, and the profit space is actually narrowing. It can only be the atmosphere group on this increasingly competitive track.From the perspective of Du Dike, it is really "lying and earning" on this track, but those who sell lessons on short video platforms.

"East copy a little, west together, opening the slogan called actual combat strategies, all about the content of the platform publicly. The selling is actually a poor information, which is specially harvested the novice Xiaobai who entered the industry. A set of courses sell you 2, 300 yuan, even if it feels fooled after listening, you are too lazy to care about it. "Du Da Ke said," The cake of cross -border e -commerce is placed here, and there are many people who are eager to try.. However, after I really tossed it, I found that except for the pleasure of enjoying the packaging of the goods, the money really did not make much. "

Du Da Ke said that he had seen through and was tired, so he gave up.However, Du Da is a little bit wrong. He recently contacted the supply of light spinning products in Weihai, Shandong. In the future, he may enter the Korean local e -commerce platform Coupang and try to try the depth of the Korean market.

"Find the way, or go out and go out." Du Da can say.

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[Reporter's note] Volume overseas, there are advantages and disadvantages 

On the current Chinese Internet, the inside roll is obviously not a good word.In the face of some unavoidable and even beneficial competition, we are also used to summarize with a simple and rudely and rudely summarizes.The subtext behind it is often unrealistic about "lying winning" and "speed wins".

"Four Little Dragons in the sea" is indeed enough to "roll". Not only does it "roll" all the way with Amazon, but also "roll" with each other.TEMU and Shein even "volume" in the United States to the point of the pair.However, in the face of the huge inflation pressure in the Western world and the silver roots that overseas consumers are constantly tightened, how can Chinese manufacturing open the situation overseas under the incomplete environment of the moment?

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