"The King of Non -Crown" Lane -5714 three times in history and 7 games without security

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Some pitcher representing the era is expected to reach an important milestone in career in 2024.

Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke stand at a 3,000-striker gate,

And Max SCHERZER and Justin Verlander looked at 3500 strikeouts 3500 times.

However, when we looked up at the peak of San Zhen, the number of the mountains was almost overwhelming than the sacred 3000K.Nolan Ryan (Nolanryan) maintains a record of a big league's career with 5714 strikeouts. He is also a pitcher born for no security. He has reached 7 times with the ultimate achievements of this kind of strength and luck.

In 1993, Lane, 46, was close to his career.In August 4th against the white socks, Ryan touched Robinventura.

It is unexpected that Wenshra was taken for granted, and for Lane, the trial did not leave the pitcher Qiu to indicate that the active attack intention and had the right to fist on the field.A good investment.

Perhaps even more surprising is that 46 -year -old Ryan still fights on the pitcher Hill in the Grand Alliance.In early 1966, he had a total of 27 seasons in his career in the Grand League in early 1966. It was a record for the modern baseball era. In addition, only CAP Anson can be on the shoulders.

As we all know, any industry requires boy skills, and veteran Lane's "boy skills" is indeed related to a throwing action.

At the age of 7, Lane, who grew up in Aiwen, Texas, sent newspapers with his father since he was a child.Every morning from 1 am to 4 am, Little Ryan sat in the car and kept rolling the newspaper, and then cast it to the subscriber's courtyard.This not only strengthened Ryan's arm strength, but also developed its perseverance.

Ryan's pitching was a fireball school. Later, in the standard speed measurement, the small newspaper child of that year set a record of 100.9 miles per hour at that time.

Ryan's deterrent to the bepelist is frightened, but his ball control is generally not good. 2795 guarantee is also a historical record of the Great League.Steve Carlton is as many as 962 times.

Lane's career 277th investment is also the first in history and the ninth history of the number of balls.

Ryan did not win the Ceyang Award for life, and there were several disputes in it, but this was not because of his greatness.

Lane's fireball talent has appeared in junior high school.At that time, he stood on the end line of the football field, and he could throw 100 yards away from the softball, and the students could only throw up to 70 yards at most.

In 1962, the Great League expanded, and the predecessor of the Houston Astroniste's Okt .45 (Colt .45 ’s) entered the National Federation and placed home at the home.Lane, who was promoted to high school at that time, had an average of two strikeouts in each game in the league. Aiwen often gathered from Houston, which was close at hand.

Watch Ryan's first scouts.Red Murff, the metropolitan scout at the time, recalled that the speed of high school Lane seemed to surpass the fastest pitcher of the National League.

Lean, an idol, was rated by coaches and teammates as "Wheel Horse" with the Dodge legend Sandy Koufax as the idol to show its strong pitching skills and amazing battery life.After Avin High School took over Jerry Spink (Jerry Spink) found a hole in his picked gloves, and then became more and more powerful under the power of Lane Speed.Siping's evaluation of Ryan's ball is like Muffled Rifle SHOT, which has disappeared,However, this also brings side effects -no matter how many pads in the gloves, Ryan's play will distort his fingers, which seriously affects his crackdown.

Sandy Koufax (Sandy Koufax)

In the spring of 1965, under the persistence of the scout Mofu, the metropolis selected Lane in the 12th round of the 12th round of the first round of the Grand Alliance.Liberal

Encourage was madly striked in the small league and completed the first show in the Grand Alliance in 1966.Lane, who has since returned to the small league to exercise, continued to advance, and the K/9 values (three strikeouts per nine innings) reached 14 times.

At the same time, Ryan also showed unusual maturity. In 1967, he was injured in his arm. He insisted on conservative treatment without surgery and was responsible for his career.

Lane's performance in the spring training in 1968 won the rotation position of Her Major Gil Hodges in the metropolis.On April 14th, the first start of the astronauts, Ryan cast 5 innings in front of his hometown father, and did not play in front of his hometown.

Lane in the rookie season received the attention of the media and the ball. At that time, the best player of the National Federation had highly evaluated Lane's speed ball. In 1967Jia Rookie pitcher.

Orlando Cepida

Lane in 1968 and 1969 was influenced by injuries, finger blisters, and military service.

But he is a witness of the famous "Amazin's" meteta in 1969.Ryan won the championship with the team in the only world competition in his career. He had a 2.1 game in the third game.

After that, Lane continued to deter the opponent with a speed ball, but his number of guarantees remained high.After the 1971 season, Lane was full of the required period of Mlb Pension, and his career also came to the crossroads.

His career is 29 wins and 38 defeats, and each game has an average of 1 hit player, but the number of delivery (BB9) per nine innings is also as high as 6 -character.Because Army Reserve Commission affects the frequency of advanced starting frequency, many excellent pitcher in the metropolis team, Lean, who will not be valued and trained by the metropolis, decides that if it is not traded in the winter, it will retire.

On December 10, 1971, Ryan was traded to California Angels (the predecessor of the angel now) as part of the transaction as part of the transaction.

Lane's later development made this transaction one of the worst transactions in history.Come

To the angel's Ryan to see the day, everything is developing in a good direction.

His reserve expires, which allows him to be able to start every four days.

The continuous trouble of blisters has also been solved. Compared with the recipe of soaking the fingers with kimchi juice with kimchi juice during the metropolis, the angel uses the surgical anatomy to remove the scar tissue and calluses.

The most important thing is that Ryan finally got careful training in pitching.Angel pitcher coach Tom Morgan disassembled the reconstruction and adjusted Lane's pitching movements and taught him a sharp song.

In the eight years of Angel's Eight -year, Ryan played 4 unable to play games and tied the historical record of Kuther.In 1973, he broke the record of idol Kulks's single -quarter three strikeout records with a 383 striker of 383 times in 1973.

In the era of victorious, Lane, who continued to output, did not win the Ce off prize.

However, Laine, who lacks aid in 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1977, it is worthy of the highest award for pitcher.

The deterrent of Lane brought to the big league players is suffocating, and even gave birth to many humorous bridges.

Because he didn't want to face him, when Ryan first released, the opponent hit the players who often pretended to be sick to rest for one day. This "disease" had a scientific name called "Ryanitis".

At that time, there was a saying that the better result of Lane was not smashed.

Lane's second game without player happened on July 15, 1973. Two months ago, he just played his first career and did not play in the first game. He faced 26 outs in the face of the tiger.The desperate tiger hit the player Normcash, holding a table to enter the strike zone, and the hysterical trial of Ron Luciano ordered Katash to fight with a normal stick.

In the end, Kash's high -end flying ball made Lane's second game without play.

Lane's top players in the same time also showed extremely self-confidence. He had launched a challenge to the MVP winner Dick Allen and "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson, saying that he was inSpeed in the duel

, But neither MVP hit from Lane.Jackson said he wanted to confront Ryan, but this was also the only moment he wanted to wear a head helmet.

Reggie Jackson

The other two unsteadies during the Ryan Angel period occurred on September 28, 1974 and June 1, 1975.

At that time, the designated strike system was already implemented in the United States, so Ryan played 4 unable to play in the face of less than a hundred games.

In 1976, Lane recovered from the downturn of the previous year, and in 1977, he reached a single three -quarter three strikeouts for two consecutive years in a row, but his number of guarantees was still high.

After the peaceful 1978, Ryan performed well in the first half of 1979 and became the leader of the All -Star Game.

Although he suffered his right elbow muscle strain in early August, he became the starting pitcher of the first playoffs of the angel team history.After the 1979 season, the angel decided to abandon Lane.At that time, Buzzie Bavasi believed that the number one star in his team could be replaced by the two front paragraphs, and also evaluated the fireball pitcher like Lane at the age of 32.

The behavior of not being destroyed by the Great Wall quickly regretted the angels as the metropolis, because Ryan's brilliant career was not more than half.

At that time, the free player market system was in the ascendant, and Ryan obtained the olive branch of the astronauts of his hometown team.Astronomy owner John McMullen (John McMullen)

Let Lane become the first athlete in the history of North American sports to be one million US dollars. This contract only exceeded the total salary of Lane in most.


In the nine years in his hometown, Lane reached countless milestones.

On July 4, 1980, Lane reached a career of 3000K on Independence Day.On September 26, 1981, Ryan played the fifth unannounced game in his career in the face of the year's World Championship, breaking another record of idol Khax.In 1981, Lane paid the 1.69 self-blame rate of 1.69 self-blame for his career, and was nearly 1 point than Bob Knepper, his second place in the league.

On April 27, 1983, Ryan devoted his 3510 strikers to his career, surpassing the 3509 three strikeout career record set by Walter Johnson in 1927.

After throwing a historic three strikeouts, Lane seemed to be not very excited. He stood in place with chewing gum and accepted the teammates' handshake congratulations and intimacy.Then he briefly took off the hat to pay attention, and beckoned to the stands, and immediately put into a pitching.

Lane has set too many records in his career, and most of the time he has a similar calm attitude.

On July 11, 1985, Ryan voted for the 4000th strikers in his career when he faced the Metropolitan Metropolitan of the Lao Dong family.In 1987, Ryan became the first player who led the league with the leading league but the Sovereign Awards in history. He also became the oldest of the unity of the League of League in the Grand League for two consecutive years in 1988 for two consecutive years.

In the evolution of the astronaut Lane into a mature pitcher, his self -blame score is similar to when he was in the angel.

However, the three -strikers (K/BB) have made great progress.His improving ball control even won the 1987 National Lianjie Poor Passage Award.

Although the speed of Ryan has not declined, on this basis, he will also have a change of the ball from the former celebrity pitcher Joe Nuxhall and the garage from the Bole Ball Merka.The circle refers to changing the ball to the ball of the ball.

Ryan played a relatively many playoffs in astronauts, the most representative of which was the fifth game of the National League Championship in 1986 in 1986.

In that game, Ryan's elbow was sore and his right foot stress fractured, but he maintained the results of 9 strikeouts and 1 of 2 innings in 9 games and 1 to 2.

In the 1970s, Ryan suppressed the United States Fighting Players in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he continued to suppress the National Fighting Players at the Astronisp (at that time the Astroniste belonged to the National Alliance).

Two MVP winners, Dale Murphy, commented on Ryan's dominance: "He is the only pitcher who is the only one who makes people start to worry about two days before the confrontation."Pete Rose commented in the last year of the Lane Astronaut's career: "The 41 -year -old Lean is still the top fireball pitcher of the league."

Pete Rose

Astronaut's physical energy counselor Gene Coleman is the key to Lane's long-standing stable state.

Coleman has developed a plan for strength training and aerobic training for Lean to keep his physical condition young.Lane himself is very hard. After each start, he will ride 45 minutes of dynamic bicycles. The rest of the time spend several hours in the gym every day, and the offseason is no exception.

Ryan's life is very restrained and self -disciplined, and even after the lack of sacrifice, it only celebrates with orange juice instead of champagne.

After the 1988 season, similar plots continued to be staged, and the astronaut boss McMalon gave up Lane in a salary reduction.Although Lian Po was old, Lane, who was able to eat, came to the Rangers, and Arlington's team gave Lane's high -end courtesy and welcome.

From 1989 to 1991, Ryan, who was overwhelming, still maintained a top level. In three years, he had 41 wins and 25 defeats. The score rate of self-blame was 3.16, 736 times, and the three strikeouts ran all the Military pitchers during the same period.

On August 22, 1989, Ryan reached a three -time strikeout of a previous life of no ancients.

On June 11, 1990, Lane faced the World Championship Champions Movement in the World Championships and played a sixth game without a game.

In this game, he had endured pain due to stress fractures on his back.But Ryan described it so lightly: "Fortunately, it will hurt when I pitch."

On July 31, 1990, Lane won his 300th victory.

On May 1, 1991, Ryan played the seventh without play in his career in the face of the strongest league blue bird at the time.

Lane is still scarred in this game.


On September 22, 1993, the 46 -year -old Ryan was broken in the middle of the first round of the first game in the last first time in his career, and immediately announced his retirement.

In 1999, Lane was selected as a Hall of Fame. As of now, his votes have ranked fifth in history. He chose to enter Gubai Town as a rider player.Ryan is one of the only five of the Celebrity pitchers that exceeds one of the number of players.

In addition to maintaining a historical record of 5714 strikeouts in his career, Ryan's career. 2014 is also a historical record of more than 1500 bureaus.

The Rangers, Astroniste, and Angels retired from Ryan's back, which made him and Jackson and Frank Robinson (Frank Robinson) (Frank Robinson)A player who has become the only back number has been retired by more than three teams.After retiring, Lane operated a small league player very successful. In 2008, he served as the general manager of the Rangers.The first leader of Christy Mathewson, a celebrity player, has been the first leader of the Grand League team after Christy Mathewson.

Some voices believe that Ryan's ball control is too bad, the defense is not good, and he has not won the Ceepan Award.The flaws are not concealed, Ryan's greatness does not need to be proved.Ryan's longevity suppression is unique. He is one of the best pitcher in history.

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WX-ROOT, Body { -weui-BTN-Active-Mask: RGBA (0, 0, 0, .1)}. Wx-rot, body { -weui-BTN-Default-Active-BG: #E6E6E6} .wx-Root, Body { -weui-dialog-line-color: RGBA (0, 0, 0, .1)}. Wx-root, body { -weui-bg-Color-Active: #ececec} @Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . WX-ROOT: Not ([data-weui-the = light]), body: not ([data-weui-the = lightt = lightt]) { -Weui-BTN-Active-Mask: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .1)}}}}@Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . WX-ROT: Not:Theme = light], body: not ([data-weight-theme = light]) { -weUI-BTN-DEFAULT-Active-BG: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .126)}}}}-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . WX-ROOT: Not: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .1)}}}@Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . wx-rot: not ([data-weui-the = light]), body: not ([data [dataa-Weui-theme = LIGHT]) { -APPMSGCARD-BG: #1E1E1E}}@Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . WX-ROT: Not: [[data-weight]), Body: Not ([Data-WEUI-Theme = LIGHT]) { -APPMSGCARD-LINE-BG: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .07)}@Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: Dark) { . WX-root: Not: [Data-WEUI-the = LIGHT]), Body: Not{ --weui-BG-COLOR-Active: #373737}}@Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . wx-Root: Notdata-weui-theme = light]) { -weui-BG-6: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .1);} @Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . WX-ROOT: Not: [Data-weight-theme = light]), body: not ([data-weui-the = light]) { -weui-Redorange: #ff6146;-weUI-BG-0: #111;-weui-bg-1: #1E1E1E;-weui-bg-2: #191919;-weui-bg-3: #202020;--weui-BG-4: #404040;-Weui-BG-5: #2C2C2C;-Weui-Fg-0: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .8);(255, 255, 255, .6);;(255, 255, 255, .1);-Weui-red: #FA5151;-Weui-Orange: #ff6146;-weui-orange: #c87d2f;-weui-yellow: #cc9c00;-weuiii-Green: #74A800;-Weui-Lightgreen: #3EB575;-Weui-BRAND: #07C160;-Weui-Blue: #10Aeff;-Weui-indigo: #1196ff;-weui-Purple: #8183F F;-Weui-WHITE: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .8);BG: #000;-Weui-Tag-TEXT-Red: RGBA (250, 81, 81, .6);-Weui-Tag-Background-Red: RGBA (250, 81, 81, .1);--Weui-TAG-TEXT-Orange: RGBA (250, 157, 59, .6);-Green: RGBA (6, 174, 86, .6);, 174, 255, .6);5);Theme = Light], Body: Not) { . WX-ROOT: Notcolor-scheme: dark) { . WX-ROOT: not ([data-weight-theme = light]), body: not ([data-weight-theme = light]) { -weUI-BG-0: #11111111111111111111111;-Weui-bg-1: #1E1E1E;--Weui-BG-2: #191919;-Weui-BG-3: #202020;-Weui-BG-4: #404040;-Weui-BG-5: #2C2C2C;0: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .8);.5);-Weui-Fg-2: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .3);4: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .15);-Weui-Fg-5: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .1);FF6146;-Weui-Orange: #c87d2F;-Weui-yellow: #cc9c00;-weui-green: #74a800;-weui-lightgreen: #3eb575; I-Blue: #10Aeff;-Weui-indeigo: #1196ff;-weui-Purple: #8183ff;-Weui-WHITE: RGBA (255, 255, 255, .8);-Weui-textgreen: #259c5c;-weui-fg: #fff;-weui-bg: #000;-weui-tag-tEXT-red: rgba (250, 81, 81, .6);--Weui-tag-background-red: RGBA (250, 81, 81, .1);Background-Orange: RGBA (250, 157, 59, .1);6, 174, 86, .1);.1);Media (Prefers-COLOR-SCHEME: DARK) { . wx-Root: not ([data-weui-the = light]), body: not ([data-weight-theme = light]) { -appmsgextra-bg:#121212}}. Rich_media_content p { clear: both; min-height: 1em} TD P { margin: 0; padding: 0} @Media (Prefers-COLOR-Scheme: Dark) { Body: NOT ([DATA- weui-theme = light]) .Rich_media_content img: not (.wx_img_placeholder) { Filter: BRIGHTNESS (.8)} { color:#576b95; text-decics: none; IT-TAP-HIGHLIGHT-COLOR:#0000;-webkit-user-drag: none} a { color:#7d90a9; color: var (-weui-link)} a, button { cursor: pointter} *{ margin: 0; padding :Rich_media_content *{ MAX-width: 100%! Important; Box-sizing: Border-BOX! Important; -webkit-Box-sizing: border-box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important}

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