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On December 20th, Cai Chongxin, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, released all the faithful faith, announcing that the CEO of Alibaba Group and the chairman of Tao Tian Group Wu Yongming will also be the CEO of Tao Tian Group.

The letter emphasized that "Wu Yongming took over as the CEO of Alibaba Group for three months, clarified the group's strategic focus and priority choice, resolutely organized the main business, and at the same time promoted the younger reform of the management team.Tao Tian's No. 1 position will help lead Tao Tian with technological innovation, and help ensure that the group's unified command and high -intensity of the two strategic center of gravity e -commerce and Yunyun will continue to invest. "

Since the end of March this year, Alibaba's self -change has continued to advance.On September 10, Cai Chongxin and Wu Yongming officially achieved new performances as the chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group.Wu Yongming, a low -key technical Fan Er, entered the public vision with a "secret weapon" attitude.

In fact, in addition to the information disclosed by the official resume, Ali No. 4 employees, the first programmer of Ali, and the founding team of Ali's founding team, still know very little about it.

With the impact and potential metaphors caused by the market value of Ali's market value, the company is being re -examined by the outside world.Wu Yongming, as the new leader of Alibaba, at this moment at the helm of Ali, a giant ship driving against the wind, can be described as ordered to attract attention.

Low -key, decisive helmsman

On November 16th, Alibaba Group's latest quarterly financial report analyst telephone meeting should be the most publicly speaking in Wu Yongming.  

The idea is clear and the speed of speech is extremely fast. It is the first impression of investors and analysts at home and abroad. It is said that the same interpretation of the day can hardly keep up with him.

This may be related to his experience.Born in technology, I like to delete complexity and simplifying, and go straight to the problem.     

On September 12, Wu Yongming, who had been in the new two days, sent a letter of all members. There was no politeness. When you opened the door to see that the mountain was changing, Alibaba must change! "

In this letter, Wu Yongming established two strategic focus for Ali: users are first and AI -driven.On this basis, strategic investment in the three types of businesses will be increased: technology -driven Internet platform business, AI -driven technology business, and global business network.

Since the beginning of this year, global head technology companies including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have been re -annotated to invest in AI development.Wu Yongming, who was a technology, regarded "AI Drive" as one of Ali's strategic focus, is the first important choice he made for Ali.

Immediately after, in the face of Ali's more than 20 years of development, the unavoidable accumulated disadvantages and business development constraints, the solution he gave is minimalist and pragmatic-

At the financial report analyst, Wu Yongming, who served as the group CEO of the group, told the market that Ali has become a large group that spans e -commerce, cloud computing, local life, logistics, entertainment and other fields. What he wants to do is "sort outWith both business priority, define core business and non -core businesses ": maintain high -intensity resources and R & D investment for core business, and achieve value for non -core business through profitability or other capitalized methods as soon as possible.

The huge complexity and new and old business have indeed become an obstacle to Ali's self -change to a certain extent.Wu Yongming, as the first entrepreneur, is also the new CEO. He opened the first knife to the crux problem. Some people in the industry said that it was necessary to take the old veteran, and some people bluntly said that he was "a ruthless person."

This "ruthless" is actually facing the problem and the shot.In the big age cycle, the more intense competition, the more important the high -intensity investment is, and the business that wants to fight over.Wu Yongming concentrated its advantageous resources to shape the competitiveness of core business, while reducing the energy and investment in non -core business, and reducing the burden, which is essential for Ali today.

From this appointment, it is also seen that Ali's definition of core business is undoubtedly e -commerce and cloud computing.Therefore, these two strategic businesses will be picked up by the Group CEO.The next step is to fight hard in the new organizational formation -see how e -commerce fights a good battle and how to fight the battle of growth. 

For Taobao and Alibaba Cloud, Wu Yongming also gave a clear strategic direction -Taobao must adhere to the "universal", implement the price force strategy, and allow the price to run through the platform from the white brand to all levels of products from the brand.Wu Yongming's intention is also very clear. AI technology is a means. It is necessary to do price and take consumers as the center.Talking from the product and standing from the perspective of the user to see the problem, this is a new change that Wu Yongming's expectation to bring to Tao Tian.Perhaps what the "AI e -commerce" looks like, and many people still have doubts, but AI's empowerment of traditional Internet business is not too much to overestimate, it is consensus.

In the development of public clouds or private clouds, Wu Yongming made a clearer choice.At the analyst at the analyst, he clearly proposed to "increase the investment in the core products of public cloud".On November 23, in the letter to Alibaba Cloud, Wu Yongming even bluntly said: "The only product of Alibaba Cloud Company is this ideal cloud computing network. Winning competition requires us to give up in the strategic direction.Miscellaneous thoughts, focusing on our greatest pressure, in our technical research, product definitions, sales paths, and organizational structures to make resolute choices. "

Looking at the world, whether it is Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google GCP, it is mainly public cloud, which is in line with the development direction of the global cloud computing industry.On the other hand, Alibaba Cloud's revenue growth has been under pressure for multiple quarters.At this time, active subtraction on the source of income, the pressure to bear is extraordinary.

Dare to make difficult and correct decisions, this is Wu Yongming.

Facing the problem, Wu Yongming often does not avoid or decorated.

On the Alibaba.com, Wu Yongming also left a post, "We don't need to bear the market's first name and give ourselves some delusions. Today we should look forward from the perspective of the second place and the newcomer to enter the game, so that we can know us more clearly that we can know us more clearly.What shortcomings to make up, what other people do not have the advantages, and what opportunities to create new value to the market or technology. "

Awakening entrepreneurial mentality

Although the decision -making of strategic choice and business decisions, according to the classification method of MBTI (personality evaluation system) popular today, Wu Yongming should be a "i" (I refers to "introverted introvert).

According to Ali's internal classmates, shortly after serving as CEO, Wu Yongming participated in the "Five -Year" event of Ali classmates.He stood on the stage and quickly introduced himself. He realized that he might not be "supported enough", and asked his classmates very much, or if you still want to know, you can ask me.

After serving as CEO, there are no more than attending activities. The Yunqi Conference and Wuzhen Internet Conference, Wu Yongming participated.Some reporters vomited in the circle of friends: Is Wu Yongming only have this blue suit?

Ali classmates said that I have seen Wu Yongming stepped on a balanced car and took PAD to shuttle in the park. When you meet a classmate in the elevator, he will talk a few words.Many classmates bluntly said "Wu Ma is very modest", and the Ali middle -level senior management who had held a meeting with Wu Yongming, used more words to be "pragmatic" — he encouraged realistic feedback on the problem, the problem solving the problem was directly, when the opinion was given, and when the opinion gave the opinionOften "straight goals".

In 2015, Wu Yongming founded Yuanzheng Capital. There were more affairs in foreign investment. Even in the inside Ali, the new classmates were not familiar with him before.

For Lao Ali, Wu Yongming is the "Wu Ma" they know.In 1996, Wu Yongming graduated from computer at Zhejiang University of Technology and started a business with Ma Yun after graduation.In 1999, after participating in the founding Ali, Wu Yongming successively served as chief technical officers of many important businesses such as B2B, Taobao, Alipay and other important businesses. The leadership established the underlying technical structure of related businesses;Taobao, promote the group wireless.Wu Yongming's homepage homepage, there are still many old -fashioned labels posted by old Ali, "Apple Control" and "Castle West Digital Prince".Another label is "firm inner".    

Today, Ali is standing at the turning crossroad.On the one hand, it is the development potential accumulated in the past 20 years, so that Ali becomes an enterprise that is proud of the entrepreneurs in the past.On the other hand, if you take the initiative to change, it is inevitable to actively cut with all you are familiar with the past, including dependence on the path of the past, the "burden" of success, and a successful mentality.

Wu Yongming knew this, so since he took office, he used "re -entrepreneurship" as a repeated reminder to the Ali."Do not indulge in the past, do not keep the rules", "to reshape the value of user value with the determination of entrepreneurship again", "No matter how successful the past business model is, we must turn back to zero to wake up the mentality of re -entrepreneurship."

Wu Yongming also clearly made four products: 1688, leisure fish, nails, and quarks as the first batch of strategic innovation businesses in the group.For the market, this straightforward method is not common.

As for why this "Four Little Dragons", Wu Yongming saw a different future from his perspective -1688 as the source of the sea as a Chinese -made sea, and has the ability to support cross -border transactions.People buy a platform for cheap things. Will Ali make 1688 into the next TMU?闲鱼是能承载年轻消费者爱好的生活方式平台;钉钉扮演了年轻人和AI生产力第一次接触的Danmark Fodboldtrøjer角色;夸克有望打造“大模型时代的革新性搜索产品”,Quality Reps Shoes这与谷歌SGE(SearchGenerative Experience) coincide ...

Some analysts believe that Wu Yongming put these products out of these products and innovatively layout for young people and technical trends,时事新闻 and is creating a greater non -linear imagination space for Ali's future.

Reshape Ali

2023 is the year of Ali's change.Perhaps "not tossing", Ali's market value is still the first today, but the problems in development are objective anyway, and the changes in the market value are just a representation.The problem today is not caused by today, and the problem of the day after tomorrow is caused by today.

Today, Wu Yongming has to lead Ali to cracked the problem that needs to be solved before it needs to be solved, but also to think and layout from the future.

In Wu Yongming's view, "a successful technology company must have the ability to cross the scientific and technological cycle."Looking at the history of the development of global technology companies, in fact, the science and technology cycle is not so long.Ali is the first group of companies in China to seize the development of Internet development opportunities, and successfully realized the transition from PC to mobile. There are Wu Yongming's shadow behind this.Today's Ali, core e -commerce and cloud business are facing fierce market competition, and AI brings new variables.Can he lead Ali's success in the AI era?

Ma Yun also speaks on the inner network: Ali wants to be a future -oriented company ... I believe Joe, I believe Wu Yongming, we have been working together for 25 years.The "founding people's feelings" ... ask the Ali people to continue to innovate in their posts to help young people in Ali grow up.

It is understood that one of the founders of Alibaba Group and the former CEO of Taitian Group, Dai Shan, will assist in the establishment of Alibaba Group asset management company, which is also the new business function after Alibaba.

In the first all -member letter, Wu Yongming once left a foreshadowing: "We will resolutely implement the team youthfulness.cultural environment."

We may need to observe Wu Yongming's decision -making in a longer time scale.It can be reasonably estimated that from the level of Ali Group, its core structure changes should have become stable, but the reshaping and "refreshing" of business, organization and culture should have just begun.

"We have nothing more than twenty years ago. With the mentality of entrepreneurs, they can create Taobao. Today, we have a user base, cash foundation, talent base that we dare not think about it twenty years ago.New opportunities. As long as we have the determination to let go of the past and come from scratch, we are looking for changes for consumers and the future. In this endless business competition, we are absolutely capable of winning. "Wu Yongming said.

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