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Spanish player Ilene Pedis (right) and England player Clo Kelly (middle) fight in the Women's Football World Cup finals.





Participants were in the first Olympic e -sports archery project competition.The pictures of this article are sent by Xinhua News Agency

In 2023, the world sports are changing.Sports athletes pursue excellence on the field and write with sweat to surpass themselves.Nothing from leaving the field, interpreting love veterans, to the starring stars who are on the stage and the year of playing, on the stage of world sports, these faces tell the story of faster, higher, and stronger -more united stories.

challenge the limit

In 2022, when the 38 -year -old Kenyan long -distance runner Kipjog ran a world record of 2 hours, 1 minute and 09 seconds in the Berlin Marathon in Germany, almost no one could think of the life expectancy of this new record.

The faster creator is another "Kip" who is also from Kenya -Kiputum, who is only 23 years old.At the Chicago Marathon on October 8 this year, Kiputum ran for 2 hours, 0 minutes and 35 seconds, getting closer and closer to the dream of "Breaking 2".

Chicago Marathon is just the third professional marathon event that Kiputum participated in.There is never a lack of genius in the sports field, but if you want to create a legend, the sweat of "tons" is indispensable.In 2018, when Kiputum participated in the game for the first time, he could not afford to buy shoes. He could only wear the shoes he borrowed to complete the game.From a small step in the village, to a big step of creating a record, the immortal road of this young runner may have just begun.

In 2023, more new records were created.The 26 -year -old Dutch driver Vestapan played 19 games in the first -class Formula Motor (F1) game this season, with the highest point defending driver championship in the highest point in history;In 10 years, the $ 700 million "Super Contract" signed a contract with the Dodge of the Los Angeles Dodge of the United States Professional Baseball (MLB), which made people see more possibilities for professional sports; 32 -year -old South African rugby player Hiya Krish led the team for the second timeWinning the Rugby World Cup champion, showing the world's "South African Story" of tolerance and unity ...

Regarding the faster, higher, and stronger limit, it is always continuously broken and surpassed in the challenges and attempts of a generation of athletes.At the Belgian Antwerp Gymnastics World Championships in 2023, the Five World Championships and American gymnastic players worshiped Beds to win women's all -round gold medals after 4 years.She held 34 Olympic and World Championship medals, and continued to write the "Black Pearl" story of the gymnastics field.

Ten years ago, he also appeared in the world stadium at the 16 -year -old Bayer, a 16 -year -old Bayer, which opened its own legend.At the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, Bays retired due to health reasons and questioned.This year, she returned to the field to show the strength and beauty of Bayer again.

"I have paid a lot and believe in myself more." Bayers said, "All I want to do is to go back to the field and take the first step again."

Also in the gymnastics field, 48 -year -old Uzbekistan veteran Chosuo Weilinna stood under the Asian Games spotlight for the fifth time.Long career, high -level competitive state, great mother love, and love for gymnastics ... The story of "Qiu Mom" grows up with countless sports fans, and still moves and inspires young people today.


When Federer bid farewell to the arena and Nadal waited for a comeback, the men's net altar in 2023 was only 36 -year -old Djokovic is still supporting the glory of the "three giants" of tennis.

This season, Serbia's "King of Heaven" is perfect: the Grand Slam field has won three crowns and one Asian, the winning rate of more than 90 %, and 98 singles championships in their careers, only one step away from the threshold of the hundred championships.

"Age is a number." Djokovic said, "If I have been at the pinnacle of this sport, I will not consider leaving tennis."

The heart love is always the year of playing.In the competitive field, the chase and rushing of the front waves and the back waves created countless exciting and exciting scenes and pictures.

Behind Djokovic's independent side, the post -00 teenager Alkallas, Lun and Sinna in the men's net altar have been eager to try.Djokovic said that as the next "three giants", they may rule the future of the tennis project.In the Wimbledon finals of this season, the 20 -year -old Spanish teenager Alcalas defeated Djokovic in the five -set war and won his first Grand Slam crown.

In the world football, 36 -year -old Messi has held the Golden Globe trophy for the eighth time.This season, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have led the world's long -term football, have played for the United States and Saudi League respectively.Two legendary superstars are gradually away from the European center stage. The story of the famous player in the post -80s generation is close to the end, and the young football supernova is competing.

French star Mbappe ranked first in the world and has always been the "prey" of the European giants; after the Norwegian star Harland transfer to the Premier League Manchester City, he won the Champions League, the Premier League and FA Cup three championship last season, creating 48The game game scored 50 goals on the fastest goal; England's new star Belinham strives to carry the offensive beam of the "Galaxy Battleship" and fulfills the proud talent in the La Liga Royal Madrid ...The chapter has been quietly opened.

Inheritance and transcendence are the eternal theme in sports fields.At the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships in 2023, 21 -year -old French teenager Marchassian broke the world record of the 400 -meter mixed swimming swimming in the world.At the awards ceremony, the record holder and the legendary American swimming world Piez personally presented the awards to Malchandi.

Also in Fukuoka, the 24 -year -old Chinese player Qin Haiyang won the men's 50m, 100m and 200 -meter breaststroke three gold in one fell swoop, becoming the first swimmer in the world to win a single three gold in the World Championships.The two Olympic men's breaststroke gold medalist and Japanese famous Kitashima Kangjiezhi Zanzhi Tan Ocean, claiming that he "made the world see that he can represent the world who can represent the world."

Competitive sports cannot be separated from the rich experience and spiritual power of veterans, but also requires the youthful vitality and fearlessness.In 2023, some people were not allowed, "getting older and more demon", and some people appeared in stunning and alarm.The 39 -year -old American basketball star, the NBA Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James broke the NBA historical score record, and then reached a new height of 39,000 points.The finals of the Axel (4A) were successfully made in the finals, becoming the first player to complete 4A in short shows ...

New bureau

On the football field, the 25 -year -old Spanish women's football player Bang Marti has a nickname: "female version of Iniesta".At the World Cup in 2023, the core of the midfielder from the Spanish Barcelona team used a broad field of vision, a master's foot technology and exquisite passing.Essence

The strength comes from the long -term accumulation of water to complete. For collective projects such as football, basketball, the investment from quantitative change to qualitative change and persistence is the only way to success.The European women's football team represented by the Spanish team and England, thanks to the high -quality youth talent pool, the advantages of men's football, and the concept of the league -oriented concept. In recent years, it has become the top power of the world's women's football.Bangmati's growth is due to this.

Also creating surprises are the German men's basketball team.At the Men's Basketball World Cup, the German team, which was not optimistic before, successively defeated the US and Serbia teams to win the championship.Schroder, known as "Black Lightning", shined, and settled the championship trophy for the team.

Traditional sports projects have produced new changes and forming a new pattern in competition and development, and emerging sports projects are also seeking their own way of survival.

In June this year, the first Olympic e -sports week was held in Singapore. Archery, baseball, chess, bicycle, sports dance, racing, sailing, shooting, taekwondo, tennis and other virtual sports e -sports events successively staged, including Taekwondo Olympic champion Wu Jingyu Wu JingyuHigh -level players appeared on the field.Subsequently, the International Olympic Committee established a new e -sports committee, and the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Bach said that he is considering the establishment of an Olympic Games that belong to the e -sports.

In what way will e -sports enter and integrate into the Olympic family?"Gen Z" is waiting.In addition to e -sports, the Olympic Games is constantly "new", bringing more popular projects to the Olympic Games.Following the Perak dance, climbing and surfing of the Paris Olympic Games, the waist flag rugby and other projects were also shortlisted for the official project of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

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